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Living Gluten Free
Whether you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease by your Doctor or if you are trying to avoid gluten products for other reasons, Van’s Health Foods in Livermore has Gluten Free snacks, bake mixes and ingredients to support your choice.
Livermore gluten free food store
Udi’s Gluten Free is one of the products we carry that we recommend to our customers concerned about their intake of gluten.

Below are a couple of videos you may find interesting:

UCSD Speech regarding Celiac Disease.
University of California San Diego. Martin Kagnoff M.D. UCSD Department of Medicine and Pediatrics:

From Udi’s Gluten Free web site:
Nationally recognized gluten-free chef and cookbook author Chef Robert Landolphi mentioned Udi’s GF in a recipe for Cinnamon Dusted French Toast on TV Channel 8’s “Connecticut Style”.

Van's Health on August - 19 - 2010
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