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In Historic Downtown Livermore since 1972

Van’s Health Foods is proud to offer the Country Life Vitamins line of self-improvement, wellness and self-care products. Country Life has been serving the needs of the health food market over 36 years. Their top concerns are product quality, your wellness and the environment.

One popular product with a focus on bone health, is their Bone Solid supplement.

From Country Life’s website:
As active men and women, we all believe that calcium is important to build and protect our bones. But did you know that your body can tell the difference between bone strengthening products? Some products are more compatible with you body and may simply work better inside you.

Introducing a new bone health product from Country Life Vitamins. It contains a unique, natural form of calcium called MCHA as well as other minerals that your body will recognize as being closest to its own natural bone composition. Ingredients in Bone Solid, such as vitamins K and D as well as MCHA, have been clinically shown to support the utilization of calcium for more complete structural bone support.

For more information, please visit Van’s Health Foods in Livermore or the Country Life Vitamins website.

Van's Health on August - 8 - 2010
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