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Early-Stage Nutrition Discoveries–Metabolism

Lab studies find nutrients increase metabolism, reduce fat, improve blood fat and sugar levels, and ease symptoms of metabolism syndrome

Resveratrol and metabolism

Resveratrol Metabolism SupplementIn a lab study, mice that consumed a diet including an experimental mega-dose of resveratrol ate 13 percent fewer calories and had an increase in resting metabolic rate of 29 percent. Scientists said resveratrol may help in obesity therapies.

Reference: BioMed Central Physiology; 2010, Vol. 10, No. 11, Electronic Prepublication
Blueberries and diabetes

In a lab study, rats consumed a diet including freeze-dried blueberry powder as 2 percent of total calories. After 90 days, compared to those that didn’t eat blueberries, the blueberry group had less abdominal fat, lower triglycerides and cholesterol, and improved fasting blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. The benefits were greater with a low-fat diet, including lower body weight and total fat and liver mass. The liver can enlarge with obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Researchers said blueberries affected the genes that help cells burn and store fat and utilize glucose efficiently.

Reference: Science Daily; 2009 Experimental Biology Convention, New Orleans, USA

Melatonin reduced weight, sped metabolism, improved blood fats

In this study, young overweight rats consumed a diet including an experimental mega-dose of melatonin, or no melatonin. After six weeks, the melatonin group had gained less weight than the non-melatonin group. The melatonin group also saw triglycerides decrease 27 percent, LDL cholesterol decrease 20 percent, and HDL–the good cholesterol—increase 26 percent.

Reference: Journal of Pineal Research; 2010. Electronic Prepublication

From the February 2011 newsletter More on weigh loss and metabolism.

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